What kind of events are suitable for a barn dance?

Weddings probably constitute 50% of the events at which we perform. The rest are a broad mixture – sports club socials, PTA’s, birthday parties, village gatherings, company get-togethers, town-twinning events. Really it can be any event where you want people to meet, socialise and have fun together.

What age range is it suitable for?

The great joy of barn dancing is that it is suitable for all ages. Children from five upwards will pick up the dances easily and the younger ones can join in with a bit of help from someone older. At the other end of the age range, if you are sprightly enough for a gentle stroll down to the local shops then you will get through a dance with no trouble at all.

Do we need any previous dancing experience?

Absolutely not. The dances are easy to do. Sean will start off the dance by encouraging you to find a partner and then to form up the dancing sets. He will then walk you through the dance. Once the dance starts he will call out the figures and moves until you have got the hang of it. If it all goes wrong, well that’s all part of the fun of it – you’ll have a good laugh then sort yourselves out for the next time the music comes around again!

What sort of hall will we need?

Any hall that is big enough to accommodate your guests with enough space left over to get the sets up for dancing. Village halls are typically ideal for the purpose. Holding your barn dance in a real barn adds to the sense of occasion. Marquees also work well. If in doubt then contact us as we may be able to recommend something in your area.

How many people will we need?

Generally 40 or more, although we have had successful events with fewer guests where everyone has been enthusiastic and keen to dance.

How long will you play for?

We are very flexible in this regard, but a typical evening might look something like this:
7:15 – band arrives and sets up the equipment
8:00 – dancing starts
9:15 – break for food, raffle, speeches or whatever
9:45 – dancing resumes
11:00 – everyone goes home tired but happy

What about background music during the breaks?

You are welcome to provide your own music for playing during intervals. Just bring your device that holds the music (e.g. laptop, iPod etc.) and we can plug it into our PA system.

Can we split the evening with a disco?

Yes, that’s no problem, although our charge remains the same irrespective of how long we play for.

How much do you charge?

Our fee is negotiable depending on the event and distance travelled, so please contact us and we will let you know price and availability.